Keeping Safe in The Yard Online

We’re all a part of making The Yard Online a welcoming and inspiring space, and we want everyone visiting the site to have a great visit. We are all responsible for what we say and do online, and we’d like everyone on the site to be kind, generous and respectful of others.


Zoom, YouTube Live and online chat platforms are not private spaces, and there is always a possibility for incidents of offensive and unacceptable language and behaviour. We will strive to ensure this doesn't happen, and will remove anyone exhibiting this behaviour, but please note that there is always a risk.


You can choose to share your video or not during all events and parties. As with our physical spaces, we have a zero tolerance towards any kind of aggressive or offensive behaviour, which will lead to you being removed by a moderator. If you are aggressive or abusive, our moderator will remove you. If you want to highlight behaviour you're concerned about that someone is saying or doing something harmful or upsetting, please email


If you need immediate support or assistance during an event, or you’d like to raise issues or concerns, please reach out to the host of the event, or email and someone will be on hand throughout the day. We will support you to the best of our abilities in any situation.